Alena Maschke is a student at Columbia School of Journalism. She left Berlin for New York City, but is tempted to move back to Europe for her love of good, cheap wine. For now, she enjoys Modelo Cheladas from the bodega and her boyfriend's homemade spaghetti bolognese.
Alena Maschke
Earlier this week, the hashtag #tipsfordatingmyex had people take a deep dive into their emotional past.
March 24 2017 0 Comment
Ciro Ortiz is only eleven years old, but he already knows that sometimes, we all need a little pep talk.
January 06 2017 0 Comment
The New York City Council is planning to implement the ‘Street Vendor Modernization Act’, which will double the number of food vending licenses given ...
December 26 2016 0 Comment
This Monday, Columbia University’s provost John Chatsworth informed students and teachers that the school would become a sanctuary campus.
November 22 2016 0 Comment
For young people in the largest cities, Tuesday’s election results have been at a devastating conflict with their political beliefs and their personal ...
November 10 2016 0 Comment
The L-Train, Williamsburg’s most direct line to Manhattan will be closing down for at least 18 months in January 2019.
October 31 2016 0 Comment