Ashley Uzer is a NYC-based writer and artist with small hands and a big appetite. She dares you to find a food she won't try.
Ashley Uzer
The Upper East side does not have a reputation for being a cool area but more and more young people are moving there. Cheap rent reels them in, and ...
April 19 2017 0 Comment
The hardest part of a hangover isn't figuring out how to nurse yourself back to health, it's choosing where to eat.
March 09 2017 0 Comment
If you browse some of the top posted foods on Instagram, you’ll notice that a lot of them are served in the big apple. But do social media famous ...
January 22 2017 1 Comment
Move over pizza, there’s a new junk food item that everybody is obsessed over. These NYC spots prove that you don’t need to go south of the border to ...
December 04 2016 0 Comment