Camille Darroux is a Paris-born, Berlin-based digital consultant, writer, and DJ. You're most likely to find her having pizza & wine or at the club.
Camille Darroux
Young, cosmopolitan, lively and creative: Weserstrasse just sums up Berlin perfectly. Follow us for our best tips on what to see & do there!
June 05 2017 0 Comment
Sexism is a hot topic within the music industry. Looking for answers, we attended CTM Festival’s afternoon of talks dedicated to this issue.
February 09 2017 1 Comment
Yes, the world is grim... Put on your rose-tinted glasses & discover this exciting Berlin-based art project focusing on the colour pink.
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Multitalented, Berlin-based singer & author Lola is ready to take on the world. Learn more about her Berlin tips, her dreams and her career.
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Everyone knows about street food in Berlin, but how about you swap that umpteenth Döner for an affordable fine dining experience? Follow us.
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Freezing in Berlin? We've come up with some handy tips which should help you forget about winter... At least for a few hours!
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Mexican food in Berlin? We swear it's a thing! Here are our best tips on where to eat, drink and shop treats from Mexico.
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Forget beer - Berlin's wine scene is much more exciting! Here is a list of our favourite wine bars in Germany's capital.
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Tucked away in Mitte, this bunker has got a very special history, and currently is one of Berlin's most exciting places.
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Berlin might be Europe’s party mecca but Paris is definitely catching up. Read on for our view on Paris’s new nightlife.
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Berlin's brunch scene has been developing extremely fast and it can be hard to know which places are worth it. We know!
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Open in 2015, Industry Standard is already Berlin's hottest restaurant. Read more about what makes this place so special.
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