Eden Dranger is writer and native Los Angelino. When not screenwriting or freelance writing, Eden can be found eating nachos and playing with her hair. During pre and post nacho eating, Eden is probably vintage shopping at L.A. flea markets or watching old movies. If none of the above applies, you might find her at home deciding which romper reflects her mood today.
Eden Dranger
Los Angeles makes iconic hot dogs, sneaks, cookies, and cupcakes so good, L.A. might as well be called “line forms here”.
May 10 2018 0 Comment
From yoga instructor to Gwen Stefani’s nanny, most jobs in Los Angeles are already cool, but we found some that are so L.A., they probably have their ...
January 19 2018 0 Comment
Will you be willing to cross the 405 for love?
October 29 2017 0 Comment