Julia Reiss is a Los Angeles-born writer and humorist alive and mostly well in New York City.
Julia Reiss
In the wake of the New York Times revelations about Louis C.K., one comedian speaks out about the culture of misogyny and sexual misconduct in comedy.
November 10 2017 0 Comment
In Mykonos, la vie bohème has become more than a little bourgeois.
October 04 2017 3 Comments
New York City’s female-run and female-forward party scene is creating safer spaces for women.
September 04 2017 0 Comment
Like so many great love stories, this one has a sad ending.
August 14 2017 1 Comment
NYC’s antiquated cabaret law isn’t making nightlife any safer or more fun, just more exclusionary and expensive.
June 12 2017 0 Comment
Under Trumpcare, your vagina is going to cost you.
May 09 2017 0 Comment
Renter beware. There will be many casualties in your search for an apartment in NYC, not the least of which will be your dignity.
April 03 2017 0 Comment
Because even this diehard New Yorker has to go home sometimes.
February 25 2017 0 Comment
Love at first connection? Maybe for some. As it turns out, jobs aren’t the only things that people are looking for on LinkedIn.
February 10 2017 0 Comment
Are Parisians really the authors of the style zeitgeist, or have french women found a way to make oppression fashionable?
December 01 2016 8 Comments
Don't miss the forest of shit for the free snack trees. Startups aren't the utopia you think they'd be. Sometimes they're hell.
November 02 2016 0 Comment
In NYC, a booming housing market could burst the bubble that is your relationship. Co-sign a lease at your own risk.
October 11 2016 0 Comment
New Yorkers will do almost anything for money and a place to live.
September 20 2016 0 Comment
A former NYC bottle waitress tells all, from sex in the bathroom to getting tipped in cocaine.
September 20 2016 0 Comment
Along Hudson River and through the woods, to DIA: Beacon I went. Spoiler alert: It did not suck.
September 04 2016 0 Comment