Julia Reiss is a Los Angeles-born writer and humorist alive and mostly well in New York City.
Julia Reiss
Meanwhile in Los Angeles, people are embarking on "Instagram Destination Tours" just to get a picture in front of a pink wall. But how much fun are ...
April 15 2019 0 Comment
In the wake of the New York Times revelations about Louis C.K., one comedian speaks out about the culture of misogyny and sexual misconduct in comedy.
November 10 2017 0 Comment
In Mykonos, la vie bohème has become more than a little bourgeois.
October 04 2017 3 Comments
New York City’s female-run and female-forward party scene is creating safer spaces for women.
September 04 2017 0 Comment
Like so many great love stories, this one has a sad ending.
August 14 2017 1 Comment
NYC’s antiquated cabaret law isn’t making nightlife any safer or more fun, just more exclusionary and expensive.
June 12 2017 0 Comment
Under Trumpcare, your vagina is going to cost you.
May 09 2017 0 Comment
Renter beware. There will be many casualties in your search for an apartment in NYC, not the least of which will be your dignity.
April 03 2017 0 Comment
Because even this diehard New Yorker has to go home sometimes.
February 25 2017 0 Comment
Love at first connection? Maybe for some. As it turns out, jobs aren’t the only things that people are looking for on LinkedIn.
February 10 2017 0 Comment
Are Parisians really the authors of the style zeitgeist, or have french women found a way to make oppression fashionable?
December 01 2016 8 Comments
Don't miss the forest of shit for the free snack trees. Startups aren't the utopia you think they'd be. Sometimes they're hell.
November 02 2016 0 Comment
In NYC, a booming housing market could burst the bubble that is your relationship. Co-sign a lease at your own risk.
October 11 2016 0 Comment
New Yorkers will do almost anything for money and a place to live.
September 20 2016 0 Comment
A former NYC bottle waitress tells all, from sex in the bathroom to getting tipped in cocaine.
September 20 2016 0 Comment
Along Hudson River and through the woods, to DIA: Beacon I went. Spoiler alert: It did not suck.
September 04 2016 0 Comment