Julien Giacalone As far as Julien can remember he always wanted to be a gangster. Unlike Henry Hill, he mostly became a writer. But a strong part of him is still anti-establishment. Which part? Only the good half.
Julien Giacalone
Paris takes the Asian food game up a level, Tokyobanhbao guides us on a food marathon of the best spots!
March 26 2018 0 Comment
A Barcelonian’s favorite question: how do you live with people you can’t stand?
November 18 2017 0 Comment
It’s time to quit thinking that the USA is the only place making good rap. To set the record straight, a couple of fans made an internet library of ...
September 19 2017 0 Comment
I wanted a watch, I found an adventure. I wanted to learn a few things about watchmaking, I learned everything about luxury.
July 23 2017 0 Comment
During the day, The Docks is home to the French Fashion Institute and a host to diverse cultural events. At night, it turns into four different clubs ...
July 17 2017 0 Comment
Every Parisian has already heard of, seen, or Instagrammed the work of local street artist Jack le Black. We caught up with Jack for a few questions ...
May 12 2017 0 Comment
You no longer need to go to NYC to give your feet some love. Paris now boasts a sneaker selection as nuanced as New York’s, and an equally established ...
April 12 2017 0 Comment
We sat down with rising artist Prince Waly, a young rapper with an old soul, at his home in Montreuil. This interview reveals many of his ...
March 14 2017 0 Comment
The Faubourg Saint-Denis street bears all the signs of transformation. Once a quaint place of local merchants, it is now the hotspot of small shops, ...
March 01 2017 0 Comment
New York is the headquarters of hip hop—every neighborhood is replete with it. Let’s discover the emblematic places of New York rap history.
February 08 2017 0 Comment
The birthplace of Hip Hop may have been New York City, but it didn’t take long before the rap game made its mark on the Parisian map. Here are some of ...
January 05 2017 1 Comment
They show us and explain how tattoos have become the ground to express their bodies in multiple ways.
December 04 2016 0 Comment
Autumn Saturday in Château d’Eau. People, life, style. Five guys, a street shooting. We introduce them to you, they show themselves - without showing ...
October 28 2016 0 Comment
Paraphrasing Joe Dassin, if cell phones did not exist, tell me, how would I?
September 09 2016 0 Comment
Not only does Tinder ease sexual, romantic and friendly encounters, it also gives you a privileged access to your matches’ interiors (no pun intended).
July 11 2016 1 Comment
You dream of partying on the Champs-Elysées? We help you get ready for it. Money has no smell but opportunists have intuition. You have the floor for ...
June 21 2016 0 Comment
Mission Impossible? For young Parisian workers, the road to home ownership is long and paved with pitfalls.
May 09 2016 0 Comment
How to reconcile the words “trend”, “Paris”, “culinary arts” and “hamburger”? How to make them coexist in a common atmosphere, completing each other?
May 09 2016 0 Comment