Michelle Zhu is a writer who talks about identity, culture and writes letters to their ancestors with the force of love.
Michelle Zhu
Episode four has dropped! In this episode, Amanda Savage talks to stylist and sweetheart Marko Monroe about art parties in LA, how they met, and the ...
May 13 2019 0 Comment
Don't miss our Bauhaus finale that explores the ADGB Trade Union School, that was once seized by the Nazis.
May 01 2019 0 Comment
We recap the HEREYOUARE Launch Party in Los Angeles, the local community involved and its very best moments.
April 24 2019 0 Comment
Our first ever HEREYOUARE party was a successful social experiment, that showed us that community loves a little something for everybody -- see it for ...
March 29 2019 0 Comment
In this episode of Savage Talks, Amanda Savage talks to Aida Rodriguez, legendary comedian and incredible role models for those who wish to heal ...
March 16 2019 0 Comment
Amanda talks to the powerful and beautiful black, queer Muslim activist Blair Imani in this very special second episode of Savage Talks.
February 28 2019 0 Comment
SAVAGE TALKS IS BACK! We are happy to debut the first episode of the second season right here on HEREYOUARE.
February 16 2019 0 Comment
Savage Talks is officially back and wilder than ever. Meet the Los Angeles-based comedian and activist Amanda G Savage who is behind all the savagery. ...
February 15 2019 0 Comment