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There’s something for everyone in the “poor but sexy” capital of Germany.
February 20 2019
Resident writer LUCKY is back with short stories exploring memory, the myths of gender, how Femme Tinder is ...
April 07 2019
Still think Berlin's is cheap to live in? Think again. #Mietenwahnsinn, or the Protest Against Rent Madness, ...
April 23 2019
Resident storyteller LUCKY writes a series following her dating adventures in Berlin. She writes about her tits, techno music and threesomes.
March 16 2019
What's it like to write a book in Berlin? Does the city live up to its artistic reputation? And what does the changing city mean for artists?
December 11 2017

Berlin: The Mind and Body Experience

Berlin is a raving, creative, meditating city. It belongs to no time zone and is far ahead of its European counterparts. Located between the Eastern and western world it is both familiar and strange. When it comes to ideas on life, art, sex, political process, beer, etc. Berlin has no peers. All the extremes have been tried here. Now they’re being refined. Even the city itself is extreme. The distances are long, the winters are harsh, the dancing is fervent, the biking is intense. But this is what you go to Berlin for. For the experience. The test. The rush. Can you handle it?