100 Years of Bauhaus Ep2: The Hufeisensiedlung ("Horseshoe Estate")
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100 Years of Bauhaus Ep2: The Hufeisensiedlung (“Horseshoe Estate”)

We continue our celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus by exploring more of its fine architecture, such as the legendary Hufeisensiedlung ("Horseshoe Estate").

This week on Episode #2, we explore the iconic and cutting-edge¬†Hufeisensiedlung, otherwise known as the Horseshoe Estate. This episode goes in-depth in the history of Germany’s architectural past. This estate is a reflection of Berlin’s¬†population boom at the time, and how modernist design made this Bauhaus architecture truly memorable.

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Trevor Silverstein is a filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany with love for a wide range of topics, but particularly comedy.