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100 Years of Bauhaus Ep4: The ADGB Trade Union School

Don't miss our Bauhaus finale that explores the ADGB Trade Union School, that was once seized by the Nazis.

This is the fourth and final episode of our Bauhaus series, as we explore the ADGB Trade Union School and the changes that occurred within a century. This episode explores 100 years of its history, from being built by Bauhaus director Hannes Mayer, to being taken over by the Nazis as a training school for the police force. This episode shows the enduring spirit of Bauhaus architecture, and how deeply it is rooted in Germany’s history.

What a way to end the series, to explore a movement that has withstood the trials of time, and continues to stand tall in Berlin today.


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Michelle Zhu is a writer who talks about identity, culture and writes letters to their ancestors with the force of love.