Find out the Black Lives Matter Movement in Berlin from the inside Out

Black Lives Matter is not just a bumper sticker. From the US to Europe, activists raise awareness around it. Olive Duran tells us all about her first protest in Berlin she organized in July.

Can you tell me more about the Black Lives Matter movement in Berlin?

Yes and no. I joined the BLM movement in Berlin only this July when I organized my first protest in Berlin which was incredibly successful as it was only created through a Facebook event within 24 hours. There had been several marches prior to that which I was not aware of, ever since the one I hosted I found myself deeper in the community taking part in all protests to stop the cause.

I felt it was my duty to help make a difference

It’s a sensitive topic for me which is why I felt it was my duty to help make a difference. There’s not enough young people out there prepared to make change, it’s about having each others back as community to fight for what we believe.

How was the atmosphere during the marches?

Powerful. It’s a very strong march, that include people of all races who fight for the subject, you can feel tension, pride, hurt and strive within the community. There are people of all ages, which is so positive. I personally love to see the youth taking part as they are the true future in change.

Black Lives Matter protest - No Justice no peace

Do you think that Berlin faces the same issue than in the US with the black community?

Of course, there have been several cases of racial injustice within our judicial system here. In the United States it’s mostly a matter of un trained cops, with a totally screwed up system that is really the root of the whole issue.

A cop can kill a black man and get paid leave

Cops in America get away with too much, a cop can kill a black man and get paid leave, then again a college football player can brutally rape a girl and receive a probation sentence. It’s a disgusting and horrifying system I’m not sure I’ll ever understand.

How is the relationship between the Berliners and the Police?

It’s hard to say, each is different and personally I don’t trust any of them. Although I’ve seen good and bad encounters with the police here at several marches and demonstrations and just on daily duties. I do however think they are better trained than those who hold badges in other countries..

Black Lives Matter protest

What do you want to say to people who bash the movement by saying “All lives matter ! Not only the black ones.”

It’s ignorant, they are completely missing the whole point. It’s so unfortunate the todays society is blind to see the larger picture here and the BLM movement is not aiming to be the next Black Panthers or not promoting on Black power, it’s to fight for the injustice around the world towards the black community. I have no issue being the broken record player until that’s drilled into their oblivious brains.

You travel a lot in Europe. Do you feel that some countries are better advanced regarding the inclusion of communities?

Yes, I feel like the community in London is very strong on this matter, which can also be that there is a larger black community there however that should never be and excuse, really.

We could ALL be doing a lot more, I am also including myself

I also feel like cities such as Amsterdam/ Rotterdam and Paris could be doing a lot more than they are, then again we could ALL be doing a lot more. I am also including myself, I would love to make this more of a focus of mine as this topic truly hits home for me…

Thank you Olive!


Photos courtesy of Daan Dam

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