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At the intersection of music and streetwear, HHV is your one stop shop for anything related to urban culture.

We know that urban culture is broad and may not mean anything to some people, but just know that HHV has been one of the main providers for this culture since 2002. Let’s just agree on the fact that whatever MTV started twenty years ago is still there and still growing strong. On the fashion side, HHV carries all your essential streetwear and footwear that you can easily wear today, whether you were a skater or a b-boy back in high school.

MTV’s golden age may be over, but its culture keeps living

On the music side, you will find all the gear you need for a better listening experience, merchandise from all your favorite bands and DJs, as well as an impressive range of vinyl records, stretching from your 90’s classics to whatever next hyped release is about to drop. MTV’s golden age may be over, but its culture keeps living through stores like HHV and all the people who still feel close to urban culture, even years later.


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Grünberger Str. 54, 10245 Berlin

Grünberger Str. 54, 10245 Berlin

+49 30 29367377

+49 30 29367377