How To Escape Winter In Berlin

Freezing in Berlin? We've come up with some handy tips which should help you forget about winter... At least for a few hours!

We won’t be the first ones to tell you this—or at least we hope so, as we’d rather not be the ones to crush your dreams—but Berlin winters are quite nightmarish. Think less than 7 hours of daylight a day, 3pm sunsets and grey skies for days. But fear not, there are some workarounds others than just moving South until the sun comes back, and we are happy to share these with you.

Visit A Spa


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While Berlin obviously isn’t renowned for its thermal baths—though its surrounding region of Brandenburg definitely is—it is home to several really nice spas and we can only recommend you pay them a visit in winter. In terms of options, we’d like to recommend visiting Vabali Spa, which is located in the Tiergarten district. Here, you’ll feel like in Bali while you discover the numerous sauna cabins, large outside pool and massages. One thing though, no bathing suit is allowed anywhere, so come prepared. For the less adventurous, Kreuzberg’s Liquidrom is also a good alternative as swimwear is allowed in their saltwater pools. However, expect it to get packed during weekends as the place is both popular and quite small. They also often host nighttime events, including visits by techno DJs whose music can be heard underwater.

Vabali Spa, Seydlitzstraße 6, 10557 Berlin
Liquidrom, Möckernstraße 10, 10963 Berlin

Eat Foreign Food


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should only eat food from your local Christmas market. Do indulge and have one—or three-slices of Stollen, but do try news things as well. We recommend Latin American food, as there’s a whole world beyond tacos and burritos. Ever had Arepas, for example? These corn flour patties hail from Colombia and Venezuela (can you feel the warm, tropical sun on your skin yet?) and are often stuffed like pita bread with various ingredients ranging from cheese to veggies and meat. In Berlin, the Venezuelan team behind Kärrecho hosts weekly popups, so try them now!

Kärrecho, Lenaustraße 5, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Take The S-Bahn To Vietnam (Almost)


One of Berlin’s most unexpected treasures is located out East, in Lichtenberg: its Dong Xuan Center comprises of several nondescript warehouses which may look strange at first glance. But push one of their doors and be ready to be transported straight to Vietnam: inside, you’ll find dozens of shops ranging from restaurants to nail salons and junk shops to Asian supermarkets. We’re pretty sure you can find anything from Asia that is sold in Europe in one of these warehouses. If you get hungry, visit Duc Anh (and follow Berlin Food Stories’ instructions in terms of what to order) before you shop till you drop.

Dong Xuan Center, Herzbergstraße 128-139, 10365 Berlin, Germany
Duc Anh Quan, Herzbergstraße 128, 10365 Berlin

Hit The Kneipe


Tired of paying 12€ for insanely elaborate cocktails? Stay warm and enjoy a fresh beer at one of the city’s best Kneipen. A true German institution, Kneipen (dive bars) are a place for locals—usually older people and unique characters—to gather away from the cold. There, you’ll find the cheapest drinks Berlin has to offer along with a taste of what it was before gentrification happened. Don’t expect any fuss, waitresses are usually refreshingly straightforward. While they might seem almost rude at first, they’re actually quite accommodating and will quickly make you feel at home. Our personal favorites include Lenau Stuben in Kreuzkölln (which has a pool table, darts and a jukebox), Café Klatsch in Moabit and Rixdorfer Bierstuben and Zum Tönnchen in Neukölln.

Lenau Stuben, Hobrechtstraße 62, 12047 Berlin
Café Klatsch, Waldenserstraße 35, 10551 Berlin
Rixdorfer Bierstuben, Erkstraße 14, 12043 Berlin
Zum Tönnchen, Sonnenallee 141, 12059 Berlin

Turn Day Into Night (And Night Into Day)


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Since it’s dark pretty much all the time, why not play around with your internal clock and visit some of Berlin’s best 24/7 spots? Get a drink in the morning, go for breakfast at midnight and enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) at 4am. As far as that morning drink is concerned, Mein Haus Am See is the place to go. Conveniently located on Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte, this place just never closes and we’re sure you’ll meet some interesting characters there. Alternatively, Bei Schlawinchen in Kreuzberg should do too, but expect a few people who were too drunk to go home sleeping at some tables. If you wake up at 10pm with a raging headache and a growling stomach and are craving breakfast food only, visit the newly-opened Berlin branch of Israeli breakfast food chain Benedict in Wilmersdorf. For anything other need, including a pharmacy or supermarkets, iHeartBerlin has got a great list of 24/7 establishments.

Mein Haus am See, Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119 Berlin
Bei Schlawinchen, Schönleinstraße 34, 10967 Berlin
Benedict, Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin

Check out the places listed in this articles on the map below

Vabali Spa

Vabali Spa Berlin, Seydlitzstraße, Berlin, Allemagne


Liquidrom, Möckernstraße 10, 10963, Berlin, Allemagne


Lenaustraße 5, 12047, Berlin, Allemagne

Lenau Stuben

Lenau-Stuben, Hobrechtstraße 62, 12047, Berlin, Allemagne

Café Klatsch

Café Klatsch, Waldenserstraße 35, 10551, Berlin, Allemagne

Rixdorfer Bierstuben

Rixdorfer Bierstuben, Erkstraße 14, 12043, Berlin, Allemagne

Zum Tönnchen

Zum Tönnchen, Sonnenallee 141, 12059, Berlin, Allemagne

Mein Haus am See

Mein Haus am See, Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119, Berlin, Allemagne

Bei Schlawinchen

Bei Schlawinchen, Schönleinstraße 34, 10967, Berlin, Allemagne


Uhlandstraße 49, 10719, Berlin, Allemagne

Photo courtesy of Rowena Waack (Flickr Creative Commons)

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