Meet Lola: Berlin’s New Favourite Multitalented Artist

Multitalented, Berlin-based singer & author Lola is ready to take on the world. Learn more about her Berlin tips, her dreams and her career.

English-German singer, songwriter and author Lola is currently making serious waves within Berlin’s music scene. We caught up with her after the launch of her Kickstarter campaign to discuss her city, her dreams and her career.

Introduce yourself in 140 characters
I’m Lola, a 26 year old singer, musician, writer, wannabe poet and piano player based in Berlin and half English, German and a bit Scottish.

Where would you live if you weren’t living in Berlin?
Somewhere far away in a house, in the woods by a lake…

What’s your favourite street in Berlin and why?
I really love Hermannplatz because of the market and the cultures coming together.

Who would be on the line-up of your dream festival?
Well in my dream some legends would still be alive like Jeff Buckley and Bowie and Hendrix.. Realistically I’d be thrilled to have Björk, Kate Bush, Rhye, Erika Badu, Akura Naru, Beth Hart, Scott Walker, the metropole Orkest, Jessie Ware, FKA Twigs, James Blake, Prodigy, Sun Ra, Desomond Cheese and many more… Writing down my ideal line up could take a while, actually!

Favourite rooftop in Berlin? And favourite basement?
Rooftop of Klunkerkranich in Neukölln, what a skyline! Favorite basement is Cosmic Kaspar in Mitte.

Best bar to have one last drink in Berlin?
Trinkteufel in Friedrichshain.

Lola Sparks for HEREYOUARE

Describe your dream date in Berlin.
It would be with someone you connect with so well that it doesn’t matter where you are, you could be sitting on a bench with a few Späti-Beers, talking about aliens and philosophy or about the meaning of life or laugh till your bellies hurt… I think a dream date is simply something that feels natural and the DNA just seems to rhyme.

Any other Berlin-based artist we should listen to?
I’d suggest Russell Swallow, Alice Phoebe Lou, Kakariko, CAMERA and AUST.

What’s one secret spot in Berlin you’re willing to share with us?
In the summer you should go to Jungfernheide in the West… Beautiful tall trees and a gorgeous lake to swim in.

What are your goals for 2017?
This year I am hoping to go on tour and release my album successfully in a way that it reaches as many people as possible… In fact, I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to raise enough money to shoot my first video clip and release my first single in March with the help of an amazing team. Also I am working on my first book, which is going to be a collection of short stories… There’s also many performances and gigs ahead. I can’t wait!

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Neukölln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin

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Hermannpl. 5-10, 10967, Berlin, Allemagne

Cosmic Kaspar

Cosmic Kaspar, Brunnenstraße, Berlin, Allemagne


Trinkteufel, Naunynstraße, Berlin, Allemagne


Jungfernheideweg, Berlin, Allemagne

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