Philippe Fernandez by Adlan Mansri

Meet Philippe Fernandez: Berlin’s Busiest Tattoo Artist

Berlin based Tattoo Artist Philippe Fernandez works at AKA Studio, and within 5 years has become one of the most talented tattoo artists in Berlin.

Working at the renowned AKA shop, he has forged his own style, inspired by the work of Traditional American Tattooing.

Introduce yourself in 140 characters or less.

My name is Philippe Fernandez and I’m 28 years old. I come from Ibiza, Spain. I have lived in Berlin since 2009 and I’ve been tattooing professionally for five years now.

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

What is your vision of tattoos ?

That’s always a hard question to answer. What I can say is that tattooing is the most real mode of expression I have found. Tattoos are a lifetime mark of moments in your life. They will remind you for the rest of your days of special moments, places, people or situations. Getting tattooed is like immortalizing your own bit of history.

Tattooing is the most real mode of expression I have found

How did you end up Tattooing people ?

I studied graphic design and ended up doing motion graphics and audiovisual related projects, but computers and programming were not my thing. It was very frustrating since you depend 100% on the machines. Tattooing started as a fun thing to do during my free time. I started tattooing myself and friends at home, but little by little I realized that this was what I really wanted to do. So one day I decided to quit everything and try out tattooing, and here I am.

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

Can you explain me the context of your tattoo ?

I got this one done three years ago by Liam sparks in London. What I can remember is that it was one of the most painful tattoos I’ve ever got.

Who are the artists inspiring you today ?

I don’t really like to give names of artists that inspire me because it changes constantly. But I can tell that one of my main sources of inspiration is the American traditional style.

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

What is your rapport with Berlin ? Why is this city different and why do you stay here ?

It’s a love/hate relationship. Berlin is the city where I found myself, where I found out who I really am and what I want. This is the city of freedom but it’s also a very cold and dark place, in every sense of the word. I don’t plan to stay here forever but for the moment I don’t think there is a better place to live in Europe.

Berlin is the city of freedom but it’s also a very cold and dark place

Do you have any projects beside tattooing ?

Until now I’ve been concentrating 100% of my time on tattooing and traveling, but this winter I started a new little side project using my artwork in a different field. Right now I can’t say much yet but it’s gonna come out soon.

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

© Adlan Mansri/HEREYOUARE

What are the places that you like in Berlin ?

Kreuzberg in general is my favorite place to be, that’s where all my life takes place.

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