The Best-In-Berlin Interview of I Heart Sharks

The British-Deutsch band, I Heart Sharks, tells us more about their Berlin experience - from crowdsurfing during gigs to dealing with aggressive bikers while shooting their next video.

Present your band in 140 characters
British-Deutsch post-pop. Two English boys, one German boy, one lost boy. We use guitars like synthesisers and synthesisers like guitars

Three words to describe Berlin
Better than London


Best concert souvenir in Berlin?
Either Zola Jesus or Fever Ray in Berghain. Or if you mean our best concert, it was on a staircase in a club called Villa that closed a few years ago. Crowdsurfing from the top floor to the bottom is pretty insane.

Favorite place to eat before going out in Berlin
Santa Maria or Datscha in Friedrichshain.

Best places to dance in Berlin at 1am? 4am? 7am?
1am – in your kitchen, 4am – in a good bar, 7am in someone else’s kitchen.

Strangest souvenir in Berlin as a band?
Either playing a place called Antje Øklesund where we had to load in all of our stuff through a big hole in a wall and we didn’t know whether it was just people messing with us. Or filming a video with 5 aggressive bikers watching looking angry the entire time then smile and clap after every take.

Except Berlin, where would you like to live?
Amsterdam, or maybe somewhere hotter, like Lisbon.

I Heart Sharks new album HIDEAWAY will be released on the 11th of November.

Find out on the map all the places listed in this article.

Antje Øklesund

Antje Øklesund, Berlin, Allemagne


Restaurant Datscha, Gabriel-Max-Straße, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Allemagne

Santa Maria

Santa Maria Mexican Diner, Oranienstraße, Berlin, Allemagne

Photos courtesy of Chapel.london

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