The No Bullshit Guide To Brunch In Berlin

Berlin's brunch scene has been developing extremely fast and it can be hard to know which places are worth it. We know!

Let’s be upfront: brunch in Berlin can be fabulous, but it can also be an absolute nightmare. While there is a ton of amazing options to choose from, one might be tempted to believe the hype surrounding some newly opened places. Using a whole lot of rosemary branches, effortlessly displayed antlers and succulents, their Instagram account makes you fall for this carefully planned trick and here you are, waiting forever for disappointing food that does, however, look good in pictures.

But fear not, there are enough ways to avoid disappointment in Berlin! Here are some of our favourite options.

1 The American Way: Cabslam


Tucked away in the more quiet area of Neukölln right by the canal, Cabslam has been a Berlin favourite for a while now. This time, go ahead and believe the hype. Try to book a table in advance if you are planning on going during the weekend as it does get quite busy. Once you are there, order one of their great breakfast cocktails (their Bloody Mary can be served with bacon!) before you chuckle at their witty food menu, complete with a German version full of intentional grammar mistakes.


We recommend ordering the Huevos Rancheros, a plate of Latin American inspired goodness including creamy guacamole, chewy corn tortillas and lovely black beans. If you can, you should also get a serving of their deliriously fluffy pancakes afterwards. Don’t forget to take a few snaps of the food and watch your Instagram account break the internet.


Cabslam, Innstraße 47, 12045 Berlin

2 Make It German: Zimt und Mehl & Blumencafé


Zimt und Mehl is located within walking distance of Cabslam and is also a great option if you want a satisfying, no fuss brunch. While the food is technically strongly inspired by Turkish cuisine (they serve a lovely Menemen), they also have classic German breakfasts and do amazing bread. Order any of the options on the menu and relish receiving a plate full of fresh goodness, including cheese, various spreads and fruit. Having brunch there is super affordable, they have a big outdoor terrace by the canal and the staff is lovely.


If you are staying further North or don’t feel like exploring the depths of Neukölln, head to Prenzlauer Berg and pay Blumencafé a visit. Doubling as a flower and plant shop, complete with some pet parrots, this café serves breakfast all day, every day. Sit outside surrounded by luxurious plants away from street traffic and choose one of their breakfast plates. Here also, expect freshness, deliciousness and photogenic food.


Zimt und Mehl, Weigandufer 16, 12045 Berlin
Zimt und Mehl, Elsenstr. 109, Ecke Beermannstr. 2, 12435 Berlin
Blumencafé, Schönhauser Allee 127A, 10437 Berlin

3 The Pop Up: Geist im Glas at Mirika

Geist im Glas was a very interesting and cosy cocktail bar in Kreuzkölln that unfortunately caught fire and had to close earlier this year. The place offered a ridiculously delicious brunch on weekends, so both night owls and early birds had to shed a tear upon hearing the news.


The good news, though, is that the team finally found a new home for their cooks and decadent food in Mirika. This fairly new café and restaurant which opened near Prinzenstrasse in Kreuzberg—an area of Berlin that is slowly but surely getting increasingly exciting—now hosts them every weekend. Get ready for their own take on Huevos Rancheros, dulce de leche pancakes, biscuits and gravy and more.

Geist im Glas, Mirika, Prinzenstraße 103, 10969 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

4 The Fashion Crew: Louis Pretty & Dandy Diner

If you wake up late and hungry but still feel like eating in a Pinterest-worthy atmosphere all while indulging in fancy fast food, we got your back too.


Louis Pretty is also located near Prinzenstrasse and it is safe to say it is, by far, the prettiest restaurant in Berlin. This cute deli is famous for its pastrami sandwich, though the vegetarian option is also worth trying. Its tables are covered in a pool water pattern, there are pink couches along the walls and the whole interior looks straight out of a vintage fashion shoot set.


For our vegan readers, don’t miss out on Dandy Diner, a burger joint that was founded by the cool pair behind iconic fashion blog Dandy Diary and caused a riot when it opened. Their vegan cheeseburger is out of this world as the team somehow managed to recreate the guilty pleasure that is a McDonald’s cheeseburger all while making it vegan! We couldn’t believe it when we tried it for the first time, and we can promise you that even non-vegans will be impressed. The interior also looks somewhat like an Acne store and has pink tiles and cute plants, so what’s not to like?

Louis Pretty, Ritterstraße 2, 10969 Berlin
Dandy Diner, Karl-Marx-Straße 9, 12043 Berlin

Find out on the map all the places listed in this article.


Innstraße 47, 12045, Berlin, Allemagne

Zimt und Mehl

Zimt & Mehl, Berlin-Neukölln, Allemagne

Zimt und Mehl

Elsenstr. 109 Ecke Beermannstr. 2 12435 Berlin


Blumencafe, Schönhauser Allee, Berlin, Allemagne

Geist im Glas at Mirika

Mirika, Prinzenstraße, Berlin, Allemagne

Louis Pretty

Louis Pretty, Ritterstraße, Berlin, Allemagne

Dandy Diner

Dandy Diner, Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin, Allemagne

Photo courtesy of Miss Yasmina (Flickr Creative Commons)

Camille Darroux is a Paris-born, Berlin-based digital consultant, writer, and DJ. You're most likely to find her having pizza & wine or at the club.