Los Angeles City Guide

Plenty of people from L.A. have already swapped their car for Uber Pool, so you shouldn’t have a problem either. You just need to do a bit more planning. Bar hopping in LA turns into bar hop-skip-and-jumping. But this doesn’t mean LA is less fun. Car rides become just as much a part of the night as the bars. Plus, you don’t really need a reason to hop around. L.A. isn’t just West Hollywood, Santa Monica or Downtown anymore. It’s Echo Park, Silver Lake, Century City, Highland Park. And the options are only increasing. L.A. is the only place you can have as good a night in a hotel lobby as you can at a dozen bars in NYC. Le Château Marmont or The Beverly Hills Hotel are not just for vacation. It’s where you go to see people, to be seen, to get a drink or lose yourself in the crowd. L.A. is built around entertainment. They know what they’re doing. You just need to know where to go.