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Connie Ha Talks with Lauren from ‘a Club Called Rhonda’ the L.A.’s Most Colorful Party

If there’s one party to make sure you’ve experienced in L.A., this is the one. Everyone is invited and should be there.

A Club Called Rhonda- L.A.’s most colorful party that drips in grandeur proves to be an unstoppable pillar in the trendsetting underground scene across the US. It boasts unlimited creativity, inclusivity and freedom in the dance party scene and is set apart in every way. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend this event over the years and it never fails to “wow” me in every way. If you’re looking for your senses to be dazzled by a brilliant spectacle, this is the place to be. No two thoughtfully curated experiences are ever the same, which is part of it’s not so mysterious charm.

I took a moment to get inside the mind of the person in the middle of it all. Lauren Martin is the operational superwoman behind this amazing beast of a party that truly is a force in nightlife culture.

Can you introduce yourself and A Club called Rhonda?

My name is Lauren Martin, I’m the talent buyer/HBIC (head bitch in charge) at Rhonda INTL, which is what I consider to be a modern-day travelling disco circus.

Lauren from A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

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How long have you been in LA and what are your favorite parties here?

I’ve been in LA for 8 years. Other than my main girl Rhonda, I really love Spotlight, Dig Deeper, Making Shapes, Bears In Space, We Own the Night, the list goes on. It’s so wonderful that we have so many options for revelry here in Los Angeles. On any given night of any given week, you can find something dope to do that involves really good music. It can be overwhelming at times, but as my motto goes: “Always more”.

How did you end up getting involved with A Club Called Rhonda and what is your involvement?

I met one of the original Rhonda founders, also named Loren, out at a function. We started chatting and it turned out the person who had been handling all the BTS aspects of the brand (bookings, contracts, payments, logistics, etc.) was moving to Paris the following week. I was working for Coachella at the time but looking for something more focused that I could be a part of. It was all incredibly synchronistic: Rhonda needed me and I needed her. Things have changed since then and I now handle all aspects of the business alongside Loren. That’s where the HBIC part of my title comes from.

A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

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A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

© RPB Studio

Tell us about the craziest Rhonda experience.

The craziest Rhonda experiences for me happen when we go into a city outside of LA. Bringing her vision and vibe to new places is definitely my favorite part of the job, but it gets hectic trying to manage (I also act as Rhonda’s resident tour manager) a crew of four with back to back events on very little (if any) sleep.

How is the talent booked and why?

It’s a mixture of reaching out to specific artists and getting hit up with availabilities from agents. We always go after the most historically prominent and culturally relevant acts while also trying to keep things well-rounded and fresh. It’s really wonderful getting to work with such a wide mix of talent from all over the world.

A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

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A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

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Who should be at these parties?

Everyone. Your best friend, your coworker who you think knows how to have a good time but aren’t quite sure, your brother, your mother (mine is a Rhonda regular) and anyone who is looking to surround themselves with great energy plus the most open/interesting group of people imaginable. I feel inspired whenever I’m at a Rhonda event and look around to find nothing but fiercely dressed faces all around me. It’s pure magic.

What sets Rhonda apart from the rest?

Her overt oversexualization of all things, really great art direction, the decadent array of performers and personalities who make up the Rhonda family, plus the best vibe on the planet.

A Club Called Rhonda tells us all about the LA’s most colorful party

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Who are some of the most notable Dj’s that have played your parties?

I’d say every artist who performs at Rhonda is notable in their own right. We only go after acts who have uniquely contributed to the contemporary musical landscape. There’s always an effort to book topline artists, such as James Murphy, Kerri Chandler, Floating Points, The Black Madonna, etc., while also bringing in lesser known acts whose brands are expanded once they have a Rhonda play on their resume.

What does A Club called Rhonda aim to achieve through each event?

To bring people together while stripping away any inhibitions, whether they be internal or external. Rhonda is I think first and foremost an educational space for people to learn something about themselves and to learn about what good music really is. It’s also the synergy of knowing who you are, being surrounded by love and experiencing the cosmic delights of a damn good time that makes Rhonda’s world go round.

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Connie Ha is an LA born visual/musical creative with NYC roots. You’ll usually find her getting silly in a new city making new friends and chasing dogs.