Savage Talks Episode 2 Balir Imani
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Savage Talks Season 2: Episode 2 Blair Imani

Amanda talks to the powerful and beautiful black, queer Muslim activist Blair Imani in this very special second episode of Savage Talks.


This episode of Savage Talks features the beautiful, intellectual and powerful activist Blair Imani.  Blair is a black queer Muslim activist and writer who was born and raised in Los Angeles and is currently based in Brooklyn. She is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement, and has written seminal works such as “Modern HERstory” which decontrusts ideas of gender and how women and nonbinary folk rewrite history. Blair and Amanda laugh at the top of their lungs and show us some powerful femme energy in this week’s episode.

Follow Blair Imani on Instagram and Twitter, and stay tuned for next week’s episode of SAVAGE TALKS with Amanda G Savage.



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