Meet the Team

Based in NYC et L.A., the HEREYOUARE Team is committed to producing the most captivating content and events in the most inspiring cities in the world.



Julien Lacheray

Founder & Editor

After earning a dual degree in mechanical physics and communication, he decided to live between Paris and New York. His transient lifestyle has allowed him to study these cities from the inside, giving him a profound understanding of their unique magnetism as well as their functional similarities. His life is a first-person experience of a new movement wherein the world’s most dynamic cities (and the people living in them) have become more connected to each other and less connected to the countries in which they happen to be located.



Michelle Zhu

Content Manager

Michelle Zhu is a writer who talks about identity, culture and writes letters to their ancestors with the force of love.


Allie Alix Fischer HEREYOUARE Event Manager

Allie Fischer

Los Angeles Event Manager

Allie Fischer is first and foremost a creator. She is someone who will take on many tasks to fulfill her need to create and help others. She uses her natural bubbliness, calm nature and empathy in all aspects to bring people together in any way she can. She has been called a “DJ of people” and is our Event Manager in Los Angeles.


Sophia Sempepos HEREYOUARE Event Manager

Sophia Sempepos

New York Event Manager

Sophia is a Brooklyn native who’s love for city life borders on masochism. She prides herself in having a finger on the pulse of the innumerable sub-scenes that co-exist within NYC, having worked in event & nightlife production for almost all of them at some point over the past 9 years.


Joachim Gruet HEREYOUARE Business Development Officer

Joachim Gruet

Business Development Officer

From corporate Lawyer to Fashion Industry, Joachim has already had many lives, all of them powered by frenetic dancing and French gastronomy and wine. He is now the interface between HEREYOUARE and local partners in NYC and L.A. to make sure that the magazine brings value to local communities and vice versa.


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