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Dating isn't easy in the big city, especially for femmes of color. We talk to four femmes from New York about ...
March 18 2019
Brooklyn and Harlem are historically siblings in New York and have a lot in common; the people, the culture, ...
February 19 2019
Our first ever HEREYOUARE party was a successful social experiment, that showed us that community loves a ...
March 29 2019
You see them everyday in NYC, on the subway, at the platforms. Don't look past them, because they're the people who are shaping a new New York.
February 18 2019
The celebration of queerness in NYC keeps getting bigger and better; here are ten parties that keep create safe and exclusive spaces for queer folks ...
February 19 2019

New Year, New York, Same Jungle

New York City is tough, incessant, unforgiving—you have to fight for the smallest thing, and you always feel insignificant. But its atmosphere is intoxicating. It will captivate you, inspire you, make you come back. And in the time between your return and your last visit, it will have changed a thousand times. NY is always in a state of edit. Making itself bigger, better, faster, stronger. And while this is scary, there’s beauty in its instability. The city is never the same. Unlike other cities that cling to the image of their past, New York surges toward the future.