Elevating the Everyday: New York’s Second Avenue Subway

After nearly a century of starts and stops, New York kicked off the New Year with the long awaited opening of its Second Avenue Subway line.


New York’s new Second Avenue subway line only took a century to open, (seriously, they’ve been working on this thing since 1919), but you can’t even be mad, because the MTA totally delivered on the design. Not only is the architecture modern and sleek, but the MTA also commissioned four different amazing artists to use the underground stations as their canvases.

There are vast glass overhangs that cover the escalators going underground, and glimmering steel that gives the station a new-age look. Designed without the cumbersome columns for which the NYC stations are known, the new underground atmosphere is marked by its openness and easier accessibility. For right now, there are only four stations open which run along the Upper East side of the city, but more stations are set to open in the future.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo was quoted in the New York Times saying: “With every public works project, I believe there is an opportunity to elevate the everyday, to build a public space where community can gather and where culture and shared civic values can be celebrated.” Preach, Mr. Cuomo.

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The artwork that tiles the station walls were made by four artists, handpicked out of a selection of 300: Sarah Sze, Chuck Close, Vik Muniz, and Jean Shin. Vik Muniz’s contribution, titled “Perfect Strangers” is a simple yet heartfelt reflection of diversity and humanity. Each tiled portrait of people waiting for the train are given a slight modification: a police officer holding a popsicle, or two gruff looking men holding hands. Hopefully the future stations that open up are as in touch with their audience as the first few. Two thumbs up, MTA.

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96th Street (Second Avenue Subway)


86th Street (Second Avenue Subway)


Lexington Avenue–63rd Street (63rd Street Lines)


72nd Street (Second Avenue Subway)


Picture courtesy of MTA (Flick Creative Commons)

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