Last Exit to Brooklyn

The L-Train, Williamsburg’s most direct line to Manhattan will be closing down for at least 18 months in January 2019.

400,000 passengers ride the L-Train every day, 225,000 of them use it to cross from Brooklyn to Manhattan. For many Brooklyn residents, the L-Train is the only way to get to work without accepting an hour-long commute. Both local residents and business owners are worried how the shutdown is going to affect them, once the tunnel will be closed for repairs.


Photo courtesy of KIDKUTSMEDIA (Creative Commons)

Alena Maschke is a student at Columbia School of Journalism. She left Berlin for New York City, but is tempted to move back to Europe for her love of good, cheap wine. For now, she enjoys Modelo Cheladas from the bodega and her boyfriend's homemade spaghetti bolognese.