The Most Groundbreaking Queer Parties in NYC

The celebration of queerness in NYC keeps getting bigger and better; here are ten parties that keep create safe and exclusive spaces for queer folks of color.

New York City is known for being the mecca of all things different. The very essence of the city is the plethora of people from different walks of life coming together and living in congruence. Always at the forefront of tolerance and acceptance, many queer people have made this metropolis their home. However, so much has changed in such a short period of time regarding LGBTQ inclusion, and a big part of it is nightlife. The queer nightlife scene in New York City has come a long way in terms of inclusivity, accessibility, and availability in changes you can see today; thanks to those who have paved the way.

While time has passed and more queer rights have been established in New York and Brooklyn, there are a number of parties that you can follow today that host events or the queer community. Seeing as we don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore, many collectives have created safe spaces for marginalized groups to thrive. These parties seek to continue the work of their ancestors and predecessors, by highlighting those underrepresented within the community.





One of my favorite Brooklyn parties that I’ve been to since moving to the big city is Papi Juice (@papijuicebk). It was founded as an art collective to celebrate and uplift queer and trans people of color, especially black and brown folk. While gaining a good amount of momentum throughout the city over the last couple of years, each party they throw has the means of giving a platform to the same people they’re targeting. Now the party occurs regularly at Brooklyn’s famous venue Elsewhere. The collective constantly hires queer artists of color from New York, giving them a way to connect to people that normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to come in contact with their work.





More parties have newly arrived to the scene to with similar aims, such as Onegaishimasu. Though only founded in 2018, they’ve made waves with their message and their mission. They seek to highlight people who are API’s, (Asian & Pacific Islanders), as well as give a voice to those looked over within the asian community. Tackling problems like colorism, misogyny, and fetishization all while dancing to a beat where all people can be accepted and celebrated for who they are; this party is nothing short of beautiful showcase of the love and resilience our community radiates.





A true celebration of island Caribbean culture would have to be Ragga, Ragga came about when people with familial ethnic backgrounds came together to make a party for their Caribbean kinship. Their platform creates a connection of queer Caribbean artists, with art ranging from visual, fashion, poetry and music. They create a space where these islanders can truly live in solidarity.





Passion, Love and community can only describe House of Vogue, though the party stays true to one venue, it’s one hell of a ki. They’re stationed at House of Yes, a known space in Brooklyn and advocates for the LGBTQIA community and welcomes us with open arms. House of Vogue is a modern day version of a dance form and a culture that cultivated the queer community today, but even more loud and proud. There’s not a more open and accepting space you could go to, literally everyone and their mama is invited.





All about cultivating a beautiful future for Asian Pacific Islanders, Yellow Jackets Collective is an East Asian Collective that focuses on collaborating with API queers now so that we can achieve the radical future the community deserves. Every year they host a Queer Lunar New Year party and merge the celebration of tradition and queerness and how you can love both.





The versatility of these parties and spaces truly pops off, especially when it comes to their individuality. Fake Accent is an independent music label that throws a party called NOBADMIND. Their goal is to create opportunities for all POC down all avenues of creativity, taking it further than a party, and trying to better the lives of queer POC family.





Founded by a group of Asian Pacific Queer creatives Bubble T is a merriment of creative minds continuing the conversation of visibility, love, and diversity– always supporting the community we share. They also always have incredible themes, showcase local Asian food and some of the best drag performers in NYC. The party has made big waves, Solange even showed up to one of them, and the collective is spreading their message throughout New York City, so keep a lookout, there’s always a Bubble T party happening!





A party bringing focus to the queer femmes of New York is Gush.  They describe themselves as the “lesbian Grindr irl”, providing much needed space for queer femmes all over the city to come together, escape male-dominated spaces and gush over each other.





With sexual liberation being a hot topic in nightlife, it’d seem unfair to leave out Daddy Issues. The party was founded with the underlying notions that a large majority of queer people go through problems with their family and their parties are a hub for you to be around your kinship and fully celebrate each other. They’re international, but always find themselves in New York City!





Tropikunt celebrates the beauty of the Afro-Latinx diaspora, so get ready to dance to some reggaeton and pretend like it’s Summer all year round. They’re famous for inviting and hosting queens like Azealea Banks and Monique Heart to perform at their parties, so it’s a place people congregate for good music, great energy, and celebrate our Afro-Latinx family.


There’s absolutely no shortage when it comes to queer inclusive parties in New York and the numbers are growing with each passing day. Each party specializes in their own operation; ranging from emphasizing femme people to uplifting queer people of all sizes, or manifesting a dancefloor for those with disabilities. Each party continues to write the queer history of New York City.


Find some of the venues listed in the article on the map below:

House of Yes

2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

learn more


599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

learn more

Baby's All Right

Baby's All Right, Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, USA

learn more


Stay tuned for more installments of Queer Parties in New York as we delve deeper into the inner workings and intentions of these parties in the following weeks with interviews, explorations and behind-the-scenes.


Cover pictures courtesy of CA2M (Flickr Creative Commons)

Cherry Jaymes is a Liberian trans woman located in Brooklyn, NY. Her previous work can be found at killerandasweetthang.com