Twitter users were spilling the tea on their exes this week

Earlier this week, the hashtag #tipsfordatingmyex had people take a deep dive into their emotional past.

Unsurprisingly, many did not have too much love left for their exes. Some, like @TomMalvaso clearly had secondary motives:

Ever had an ex whose mom was JUST NOT FEELING YOU? Well, you’re not alone.

Others considered this hostage an opportunity for a fair warning that anyone dating their ex is proceeding at their own risk:

But most, just had one piece of advice: Don’t.

But it wasn’t all negative. Some took the opportunity to share their love and appreciation for the people they used to date:

@bailey_stringin and others were not there for the pettiness, though.

Some where shy to throw the first stone:

Photo courtesy of António Capelo (Flickr Creative Commons)

Alena Maschke is a student at Columbia School of Journalism. She left Berlin for New York City, but is tempted to move back to Europe for her love of good, cheap wine. For now, she enjoys Modelo Cheladas from the bodega and her boyfriend's homemade spaghetti bolognese.