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Paris takes the Asian food game up a level, Tokyobanhbao guides us on a food marathon of the best spots!
March 26 2018
As tattooing isn’t a profession exclusive to men, we met Faustink, a tattoo artist who specializes in ...
April 05 2018
The Péripate: a new breath of expression infused with dance and techno in Paris.
October 29 2017
During the day, The Docks is home to the French Fashion Institute and a host to diverse cultural events. At night, it turns into four different clubs ...
July 17 2017
Women in the Parisian food industry discuss how they're smashing the patriarchy.
December 09 2017

Paris: Out with the Old, In with the New

In Paris, two worlds collide: one, an aging and conservative population, the other, a raucous and creative generation. After the 2015 attacks, the older generation has turned inward while the younger crowd has looked outward. They are exploring the world and bringing back the best it has to offer. Paris is not the open air museum it used to be. It is not the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. If you spend your time there, you’ll miss out on the real Paris. The Paris unfolding right now. The art exhibitions in the Marais. The clubs along the Austerlitz wharf. The new bar in the Faubourg Saint-Denis. The restaurant terrace in the Republique. Don’t just go to Paris, live Paris.