Concrete Paris


Barge, electro and Sundays, are la Concrete’s keys to success. Yes it’s called ‘La Concrete’.

Paris has struggled to keep its Sundays busy. While everywhere in the world, from NYC to Berlin and London, Sunday hasn’t been the Lord’s day anymore for a long time, in Paris traditions have long been rooted. It simply was not conceivable to party on Sunday. La Concrete, like ‘La Sundae’ collective, launched the movement and today it is inconceivable not to party on Sunday. The capital changed it mind; one more contradiction doesn’t make much difference. But if it happened that’s largely thanks to the fine DJs programming made by la Concrete’s team. We invite you to watch this Resident Advisor video, at 7:20, to understand the extent of the phenomenon.


The creators of la Concrete gave birth to the Weather Festival held annually over several days in places that are always stunning.


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Photo courtesy of Concrete (Facebook Page)

Port de la Rapée, 75012 Paris

Port de la Rapée, 75012 Paris