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Food Industry in Paris: No Appetite for Sexism

Women in the Parisian food industry discuss how they're smashing the patriarchy.

In 90 years, only one French woman has received three Michelin stars. From experiencing sexual harassment to facing everyday sexism, women in the Parisian culinary industry have had enough. We spoke to four women to learn about the specific struggles of being a female in the professional kitchen and how they’re turning the tables!

In order of appearance

Lina Caschetto, Vancouver-born chef in Paris

Cécile Tan, Owner at Little Cantine

Maria Canabal, Founder of Parabere Forum

Alice Quillet, Owner/Baker at Ten Belles

Little Cantine

Little Cantine, Rue des Écoles, Paris, France

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Ten Belles Bread

Ten Belles Bread, Rue Breguet, Paris, France

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Cover Picture Courtesy of Ten Belles Facebook Page

Sadia Rao is a Paris-based journalist and videographer, mostly found looking for the spiciest eateries in town.