Four Clubs, One Place: A Night at the Cité De La Mode Et Du Design

During the day, The Docks is home to the French Fashion Institute and a host to diverse cultural events. At night, it turns into four different clubs with incredible DJ lineups.

In 2009, a bunch of old warehouses were converted into the Cite de la Mode et du Design: a three-floor four-club extravaganza. The clubs, styled like a riverboat along the Seine, look down upon flocks of clubbers scrounging for a place that isn’t Rex Club (historic electric club) or Concrete—which only parties on Sunday mornings.

We here at Hereyouare spent a night exploring the clubs and interviewing the guests and staff to give you a feel for what makes each club unique.


Communion: Rooftop and View of the Seine



Despite all the talk about the change of ownership, new artistic direction, and new concept—nothing has really changed in the club once called “Nuba.” It has the same sprawling rooftop—one of the biggest in Paris—the same view of the Seine, the same random clubbers, and the same dancefloors. The only difference is a plush canopy bed, which, in my opinion, makes it much better.

Le Garage: The Place with the Big Woofers



Le Garage gets its name for its techno-house sound and its distinct atmosphere: somewhere between alternative and “squatter”. It’s level with the Seine and, since it has no clubs alongside, its sound system pulses a purity of sound that suits its hand-selected DJs. If you prefer talking over dancing, it’s better to step outside—but stay close to the entrance. Just in case you do want to get back to dancing.

Wanderlust: The Pioneer


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Wanderlust is the first club that opened along the Austerlitz wharf in 2012. For six days a week during the summer, each night has a different theme: hip hop, gay, 20s, jazz etc. And when it’s not a themed party, the club hosts the best local DJ collectives.

When you’re here, take advantage of the outdoor terrace with tables and a dance floor, or head inside for a quieter respite. If you’re hungry, buy some burgers or hot dogs. If you wanna play, they’ve got a Ping Pong table. And if you wanna drink, which most of us do, get a drink from each of its four bars. There is nothing more that you need on your Saturday night.

Nuits Fauves (The Crazy Nights): the Appropriately Named



Les Nuits Fauves is the most intense of the four clubs. We say it’s appropriately named for a few reasons: One, it’s underground. Literally. Two, it sports a minimalist electronic sound and rocks a loud resonance. The design is raw and punk. It has a huge dance floor where you can sweat freely and profusely. Like the signs that read all along the walls: “Your God Won’t Watch You Here.”

Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design, 34 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

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Cité de la Mode et du Design

Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris, France

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