HEREYOUARE, Real Cities Guide and Magazine, is launched!

Discover the point-of-views of locals selected for their knowledge of their cities and let them guide you off the beaten track.

This day marks the official launching of a project that has been ongoing for more than a year. I will avoid giving you the classic speech of an entrepreneur’s grand adventures or a startup founder’s project to change the world.

HEREYOUARE simply started from a desire to offer an alternative and sincere way to experience cities.

First, we are starting with New York, Paris and Berlin, to hopefully expand later to other cities like Los Angeles, London and Tokyo and all the places on which we spent all our savings or that we’ve had for a long time in our bucket list.


The organization of the website is simple:

There is the magazine part, containing articles, interviews and the contributors’ reports on every city.

And there is the guide part, with a selection of the best places to visit, to eat, to sleep or to shop in.

A real selection regularly updated

We offer a real selection that is regularly updated, not an endless list of random places. Our aim is to guide you through spots that will either make your visits memorable or help you experience your city in a different manner.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website, reading our articles and discovering the cities through our recommendations.

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Julien Lacheray Founder of HEREYOUARE, he loves dollar pizza, especially after a night spent on a rooftop or in a basement, always up for a bike race in the city before going back home.