Clara Buot Rex Club

May 17 Playlist by Clara Buot from the Rex Club

This week, Rex Club Art Director Clara Buot prepared an exclusive playlist for HereYouAre.

“Hey Hereyouare this is my personal playlist for all your special moments. I chose ten tracks that I never get tired of and that I wanted to share with you. The playlist starts out slowly, like cuddling with your lover, with a track from the Supreems from the label Lobster Theramin. After that, things get more hypnotic with a trippy track from hungarian producer Route 8 who is one of the best upcoming young producers. (Also on Lobster Theramin). The U track from DJ Seinfeld is the perfect track to pregame to: light, cute and dancy. Next is Winona by DJ Boring, one of my favorite tracks of all time and a tribute to Winona Rider. Things start to heat up after with a mind blowing track from Mall Grab “Can’t (get you out of my miiiind)”. After that, we have Avalon Emerson who is turning out to be the American sensation of 2017. If you geek out over good electronic music, this is the girl you need right. And finally, to end the playlist, are four heavy tracks that mimic the late hours of the end of a good night. Private Press transports you straight to Chicago. Then there’s Photek, which is a pretty old song but a classic nonetheless. Third is Bjarki from Nina Kraviz’s amazing label TRIP. Not exactly the perfect track to chill to, but definitely the perfect track to pick you back up. The last one is from a french producer called Philippe Petit, an owner of two incredible labels, Knowteed and Decision Making Theory. Check out his bandcamp! Enjoy!”

Clara Buot, Rex Club

Julien Lacheray Founder of HEREYOUARE, he loves dollar pizza, especially after a night spent on a rooftop or in a basement, always up for a bike race in the city before going back home.