Savage Talks Season 2

Savage Talks Season 2

Savage Talks is back with Season 2 on HEREYOUARE with the prolific and wild Amanda Savage. She invites renowned activists, comedians and creatives to share space with her and be a little candid, and very savage. Don't miss an episode!


Episode 1: Yassir Lester



The first episode kicks off with Amanda G Savage talking to Yassir Lester. Yassir is a Los Angeles-based comedian, writer and actor. Watch Yassir and Amanda go back and forth with their witty banter — warning, there might be a little screaming, a lot of laughing, and some lessons learned.


Episode 2: Blair Imani



In this episode, Amanda talks to the beautiful black, queer Muslim activist Blair Imani. Together they speak about queerness, her superpowers, and exude some powerful femme energy through conversation.


Episode 3: Aida Rodriguez



This episode of Savage Talks features the hilarious Puerto Rican and Dominican-American comedian Aida Rodriguez. Amanda and Aida’s back-and-forth only results in uproars of laughter and comedy gold, and we get to know her much, much better in this very special episode.


Episode 4: Marko Monroe



Marko is responsible for styling looks for rising star Lizzo, including her iconic Met Gala moment. His style is impeccable, from the blue latex paint on his head, to the sparkles on his cheekbones, to his corseted denim — and his sense of humor is just as incredible. Join him and Amanda in some goofy banter, as they laugh till it hurts.


Episode 5: Quinn Wilson


Coming soon


Episode 6: Molly Mitchell


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Episode 7: Mike Von


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Episode 8: Erin McGown


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